There’s a Spider in My Bathtub

Know Anyone Afraid of Spiders?

This picture book could make a difference!

There’s a Spider in My Bathtub aims to show a different side of spiders to kids and adults alike. Many things that seem scary are simply misunderstood. The spider is no exception.


About this book

Attention fellow nature lovers, adventure seekers, those who think of spiders as your friends, and especially those who don’t…Come along with an adorable little spider as he travels to a land of dinosaurs, flies head first into a meteor shower, and accidentally falls into a battle with a dragon!

How did the spider get here? Will he make it through all of these challenges? What will happen to him?

This imaginative and exciting story, There’s a Spider in My Bathtub, begins with a little spider in a bathtub but might just end with a change of heart for some readers towards one of nature’s most misunderstood cute little crawlies.