Santa Takes the Bus

A new version of good old Saint Nick! With the help of a classic rock back, Santa just might make it in time for a happy Christmas…if the bandmates make some selfless decisions.


About this book

Ride along with Santa as he saves Christmas with the help of some unlikely heroes….

The return home from Santa’s annual beach vacation goes wrong and it appears that all hope for Christmas this year may be lost. Fortunately, he crosses paths with a playful monkey and a good-hearted rock & roll band who happen to own a supercharged tour bus. With their help, Santa tries to make it home to the North Pole in time to perform his traditional Christmas miracle… while crossing a few names off his naughty list along the way.

Santa Takes the Bus is a hilariously creative new twist on the classic Christmas story. It entertains with a heartwarming adventure in friendship, while reinforcing the ideal that giving truly is better than receiving.