Messy Millie

Do you have a little one that likes to make a mess?

Meet Messy Millie! She’s a typical kid who loves to make a mess and then walk away! Follow along on her journey as she makes decisions that have messy consequences!

Will Millie learn to make better decisions to keep the mess away?


About this book

Join the fun as Messy Millie embarks on a thrilling adventure that ultimately teaches responsibility and decision-making skills through the use of every kid’s favorite things along the way!
You’ll follow along as our hero enjoys an epic day of fantastic foods, tasty treats, crazy critters, pesky pests, play places, and muddy messes while young readers benefit from seeing the internal struggles of a happy little girl who is faced with making responsible choices.
You see, Millie has an imaginary superhero self who serves as a representation of ego and a need for immediate gratification. She arrives when it’s time to make tough decisions and she gets Millie into all kinds of trouble. But don’t worry, this adorable character eventually learns her lesson and chooses to do the right thing.
Messy Millie is an imaginative story that kids will love to read time after time and parents will be happy they do.